When using transfer paper to transfer a T-shirt, we must pay attention to some small details that cannot be ignored, because these details are likely to cause problems in the use of textile transfer paper, so some details require customers to transfer paper custom screen printing.

5 tips for using paper to print t-shirts

  1. Make sure you use dark transfer paper or light fabric transfer paper. After the pattern is printed on the dark transfer paper, a layer of film is adhered to the T-shirt to be transferred. However, the light transfer paper coating penetrates directly into the garment. Specific instructions for dark inkjet transfer paper and light fabric transfer paper can be viewed on the product details page of our official website.
  2. Before transfer, it is necessary to make transfer samples to confirm whether the pressure, temperature and time of the heat press machine are appropriate.
  3. Before transfer, the pattern of the thermal transfer paper and the fabric should be blown to remove traces of textile transfer paper, cilia and other accessories on the T-shirt, so as to avoid printing defects caused by impurities between the transfer paper. transfer and t-shirt.
  4. Before cutting and transferring, make sure the transfer paper is basically dry to avoid stains and incomplete transfers.
  5. Since the backing material of the bottom plate absorbs moisture from the ink, too much water vapor will be generated during the transfer process, which will make the color of the pattern on the transfer cloth lighter and marks will appear of water and local sprays. . Therefore, the moisture in the shirt must evaporate before transfer.

About washing instructions: We do not recommend soaking the garments with laundry detergent for a long time, because the time of the pattern transferred on the T-shirt is too short. We also do not recommend vigorously rubbing the printed pattern in the wash. Garments that have been transferred should be washed at least after 24 hours.

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