Are you bored of seeing the kitchen always the same? Do you think it’s old or small? I’m going to give you some tips to help you modernize your kitchen and make it one of the most attractive spaces in your apartment.

Kitchens are usually the nerve centers of apartments, one of the most used spaces without a doubt kitchen remodeling Waukesha. However, in the new buildings that are built it is given less and less importance, creating smaller spaces. Today I am going to give you 5 tips on kitchen decoration so that you can renovate this space with little money.

Modernizing small kitchens is a simple task if you know how to do it. We cannot expand the space we have available, the space is the current one and we have to work on that basis. What we can do is change the decoration, kitchen paint and furniture to create a larger space and give it a new face with more style and character. On this occasion I am going to tell you the keys to modernizing your small kitchen.

Use materials that are first class

This tip can be used for rooms of any size, but it becomes more important when remodeling small kitchens. In this type of case in particular, the lack of space causes us to focus attention on other aspects. It must be understood that although the materials used are a little more expensive, since it is a small kitchen the investment will not be so great.

In the new trends, they are committed to mixtures; recovered woods of medium or dark tones can be used that contrast with the light colors of floors, tiles and appliances. In this way you can have a small but modern kitchen.

Provides good appliances

One of the great advantages of small kitchens is that they are quick and easy to clean. It is also a plus point that we will not use it to store old things that we do not use. Being a small kitchen, we will not be able to place a large number of appliances, so we can invest in slightly more expensive and modern appliances.

It’s time for you to treat yourself to that latest model Samsung refrigerator that you always wanted or to buy the latest Nespreso coffee maker. Don’t think about it anymore, it’s the right time!!

Use open shelves as an option

In a small kitchen you have to know how to manage the space you dedicate to putting shelves well. Putting shelves on the bottom and top and filling them with things doesn’t seem like a great idea. For this type of case, open shelves are a great solution. They provide your kitchen with storage space, but having everything at hand, easier to find and use.

The only condition for using this type of shelves is to strictly maintain order. Otherwise, the mess will quickly become noticeable, giving your entire kitchen a bad look. No matter how much time and money you have invested in renovating it, if it looks messy it will be a disaster.

Go for a hit of color

The general rule is that small spaces, in this case your kitchen, are painted and decorated white to generate a feeling of spaciousness and light. However, it is worth taking the chance to paint some of the walls or even put some colored furniture. Just because your kitchen is small shouldn’t make it boring either.

Create an open bar

If your kitchen is small, one of the best options to create a feeling of greater spaciousness is to open the side wall that faces the living room. You can make a hole and place a bar that can be used for breakfast. This gives you the option of having more light and air in this space and gives you the possibility of talking to the people who are in the living room.

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