Video production means making videos of any kind while video marketing means making videos to reach out different audiences and channels. Both offer different services though nature and disciplines overlap each other. One involves with the creation and production process while other involves with the end process or marketing process Event video production. Most of the people get confused over the terms video production and video marketing, Difference between video production and video marketing Articles here in this article I will try to explore the difference between them. Let’s start with:

Video Production Services

Brands seeking to create product or company video would approach to a video production company. A New York based production company also known as a video production house. It has all the necessary skills like equipment, talent, crew members and production planning ability including technical solution and budgeting. In simple word it produces video according to client’s requirement. It produces video based on technical knowledge and capability. It has ability to produce documentary, video narrative, TV commercial, live events, testimonial and even movies also. Video Production Company doesn’t bother about marketing plan. Their main focus is to make sure the technical superiority of the end result. They work on brief and deliver the final product.

Video Marketing Services

Video marketing is only possible with the advancement of technology, data streaming, and internet which focus light to open up digital video capability for social and marketing purposes. Their main focus is to deal with video marketing videos to reach out to maximum targeted audience. They mainly work on principle of end results and then decide their work from that point onwards. It also helps business owner to identify what it needs. Their main objective is to engage targeted audience by posting the video assets at right time for the right people. In marketing, video length can vary with platform. Their work also involves running their video campaign on different social media platform and also enhances return- on- investments (ROI).


Both video production and video marketing services belongs from same category but addressing different needs. People favors to those who narrate well and connect audience emotionally and of course meaningful. Both the services are looking forward to evolve their work continuously in future. In both the scenario, the one who really wins in brand. These two functional areas are working in the same field but their way of working is far differ. There is more option in market to help them addressing their specific needs. The one who solves client’s marketing problem easier, quicker, better and laser focus solution would be the winner at the end. In order to deliver your message to your targeted audience only marketing company can help you but before that creating a valuable script for audience and frame them is done by video production company. Always remember a great without any views are useless so your message should be very genuine and reaches out to your audience with full of positive attitude.

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