With proper preparation, the coexistence of the dog and the new baby should not pose any problems at all. Of course, bringing a new baby into the world is always an exciting time, but sometimes a dog won’t share your excitement Dog trainer spring Texas. Everything changes Your life will change as soon as you bring your new baby home and inevitably the life your dog leads will also have to change.

The dog will be used to having your full attention, and even if you don’t do it consciously, he will now focus on your baby. Some dogs adapt quickly and take on the role of protector and guardian, others react more slowly and need a little help to feel comfortable in the new family situation. One of the possible sources of problems is where the dog sleeps.

If he sleeps in bed with you, prepare another cozy place for him to sleep. Find something that reminds him of you and leave it in this new place so the dog feels happy and safe. Sometimes the change requires several weeks but be persistent. In the end your dog will be happy with his new bed.

Familiarity and satisfaction

Your dog’s walking routine will likely change, so it may be helpful to take the stroller out before the baby arrives so the dog can get used to it. It’s also a good idea to change the pace of your walks to match what you expect you’ll have walking with the baby.

It’s a good idea to let your dog into the baby’s room before the happy event to get used to all the baby’s smells and things, especially if the dog used to spend a lot of time in this room. Introducing the baby to the dog should be calm. Keep the dog on a leash and let him sniff around a bit and just sit next to the baby. If the dog behaves well, you should reward it with praise.

If he behaves badly, for example he growls or pulls on the leash, it is necessary to scold him. By tightening the leash, make him sit until he calms down, so he will quickly know his place. Never leave the dog alone with the baby and continue to observe his behavior until he is sure that he has begun to feel comfortable. Babies require a lot of adjustment from everyone, including your pets. With a little help, even a jealous dog will adapt and remain a good, sociable companion.

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