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Global warming over the years has yielded the demand for eco friendly products, one of them being eco friendly clothing. Since the chemicals take its toll on human beings and the environment at the same time, such products are indeed the need of the hour. These clothing are made from cent per cent organic materials like soy, hemp, organic and bamboo. There are huge arrays of clothes that can be made from eco friendly clothing.

They are not only eco friendly but also soft on the body. Health concerns have raised an unprecedented demand for such apparels. The important point note here is that not only the fibers but also the dyes used in the process are eco friendly. Organic clothing has gained popularity in countries like US, Japan, Britain and EU. Turkey, Tanzania, India, China, Egypt and the US are leading producers of this type of clothing, the world over. The cultivation of organic cotton has zoomed in the last few years. In fact brands like Nike, Timberland & Wal-Mart selling these have started selling these products. Apart from apparels, even bags, wallets and hats are also being made from organic materials these days.

Though eco friendly clothing costs slightly more than the usual clothing, but spending a few dollars more goes a long way in doing well to your skin as well as to the environment.

These types of clothing are either made from hemp, organic cotton or bamboo. Hemp clothing is a superior form of clothing to others since hemp has the ability to grow anywhere. Not only that hemp also requires little water has a quick to grow but also has a short cycle of harvest and doesn’t harms the top soil. Therefore, one can grow any other plant on the soil immediately after he has cultivated hemp; the soils in this case would not require any rejuvenation.

Organic cotton clothing also has come to be a great substitute to the normal cotton clothing. Organic cotton has the ability to produce far great superior products than the usual cotton. The best part of this kind of clothing is that the manufacturers has to get a certificate that his clothing has been grown in fields that has been untouched by pesticides or chemicals for three consecutive years. Since the other kind of cotton uses close to 25% of world’s pesticides, it does make great sense to cultivate organic cotton.

Bamboo clothing is another form of organic clothing. Since bamboo is the fastest growing plant the world around, it makes sense to grow and have made things out of them. Not only that, bamboo is also known to emit maximum amount of oxygen in the atmosphere than any other plant. That apart, they also require very little water and can be grown in practically any climate.

These days eco friendly clothing is also finding favor from the environmentally savvy fashion designers. Until recently, the perception of these kinds of clothing was of being course and uncomfortable clothing. But not anymore; for now wearing such clothing has become fashion statement. Though the range and the styles may not be as wide as the conventional clothing, off late very many new styles and patterns have made their foray in this segment of clothing. This type of clothing is available for men and women alike. Most common form of eco friendly men’s clothing is t-shirts. There is a huge variety of t-shirts available which have been made from a mix of bamboo, organic cotton and hemp. That apart, pants and sweat shirts are also being made from organic clothing.

In the women’s clothing section, various types of outfits like jackets, dresses, pants, scarves, shirts and tops are being made from organic clothing. These are made either from a mix of organic cotton, hemp and bamboo or any of the individual materials. They are available from extra small to extra large size, catering to every kind of women. Not only that, they have dresses to cater to any kind of body figure. Therefore, irrespective of your size and figure type, you can have your very own piece of eco friendly clothing.

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