Sports Betting Advice: Why Having A System Is The Way To Go

If you have come here looking for sports betting advice then that is exactly what I’m going to give you. When it comes to sports betting advice, I can tell you now that it is going to be extremely difficult to be successful if you don’t have a sound system. Now what exactly is a system?

A system is a particular strategy you have developed or learned from someone else. You will apply the system whenever you are betting on a particular sport. The system has been studied diligently. It has been analyzed for profitability in the long run. The sports betting system has been well tested on paper and given an acid test. And lastly, the system has shown it can sustain losing runs.

The ability to sustain losing runs without breaking the bank is what makes a person a true professional. I am offering you this sports betting advice because so many people try to bet on sports about having a plan. These people end up losing their money slowly but surely. This can easily be avoided through the use of a solid system.

Understand that the purpose of a system is to allow you to pick more winners than losers. The goal is to profit over the long run. You are definitely not going to win every bet, and you shouldn’t expect it. If you are reading sports betting advice that tells you you need to have a high strike rate, you are receiving bad advice.

You do not need to have a high strike rate, you simply need to have the minimum strike rate required in order to be profitable. If you don’t have that, then you need to be able to get a certain price consistently that will allow you to hit at a certain rate and make a set profit.

People who bet on horses are aware of this concept. Someone can bet the favorite at even money and hit 50% of the time. The problem is they will barely break even on their bets. Someone else can hit 30% of the time and hit 3 to 1 shots.

Even though the percentage is lower, the profit is going to be higher. It is very likely that such a person is using a system, and if you want to be successful, no matter what sport you are betting on, then you need to have one as well.

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