Quality Website Translation Services – A Step Closer to International Success

For any business aiming to conquer the global market, translating their website into the local language of its viewers is the key to higher conversions. Statistics, such as those presented by market research company Forrester Research, underscore the difference that a local language presence can make on the target market.

For instance, studies have shown that there are more than 100 million non-English speakers who regularly use the Internet, and web users will stay twice as long on a website if it’s in their native tongue. Another important indicator for website localization is the fact that the probability of site visitors being converted into consumers is four times higher if the site content is in their native language.agenzie traduzioni

Localizing a website goes far beyond merely translating its text into a specific language. Components such as images, site design, and even the choice of colors can have a significant impact on how a website is accepted by its target audience. Imagery that some cultures might view as harmless or even favorable might be seen as offensive by other cultures. A professional translation service with translators who natively speak the target language and are actually living in the country where the language is spoken can ensure that, aside from the grammatical accuracy of the translations, the target country’s cultural and linguistic nuances are observed throughout the website.

Working with a professional translation firm that specializes in website translation and localization can make a big difference in achieving international success for any business from any industry.

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