5 TIPS TO GROW YOUR HAIR – Professional Hairstyles For Men

How important will hair be for women that, even when we go through a change or a difficult time in life, are it common for us to modify it? An extreme example of this: Britney Spears when she was completely shaved after her melt down a few years ago.

If you recently decided to make a radical change to your hair and you did not like it, or you liked it but you got tired and you cannot grow it, this post is for you. I’ll share 5 tips to give you a little push and grow at a healthier pace.


Ask your doctor if it is necessary to supplement you or if you only need to consume more foods rich in iron. Some ideas: chicken, turkey, beef, oysters, nuts, legumes, seeds, spiraling and dark green leafy vegetables.


For some people, sleeping is not as easy as they would like and, if you are one of those, this may be the reason why you do not grow your hair (and even the reason for those extra pounds). Do everything possible to sleep: meditate, take melatonin, take a night bath, avoid eating after 8 pm … but get those 8 hours a day.


There are people who need, if or if, to cut their hair every 3 months at the most, but it may not be your case. Consult a good stylist what your hair needs so that you are not cutting the little that grows, without any need to do so.

Not only to make your Professional Hairstyles For Men and hair grow! Learn to control it because it affects EVERYTHING in your life: your health, your relationships and in this case, stress can not only make you not grow but you even lose it.


If you want long, healthy hair, add a good shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment to your shower. It is also essential that you do not abuse the tools to comb it (dryer and iron) and that you invest in a brush with natural bristles.