Good storage solutions – saving time and money

Warehouses are most likely to already be at the top of their game in terms of storage solutions and easy-to-move steps and ladders. Smaller, more service-focussed businesses, however, sometimes overlook the importance of ergonomic storage systems.warehouse racking systems

Most furniture and shelving in the past were built with the assumption that it would stay in one place. However, the pace of life today means that adaptability and flexibility is key for business success. A company, to maximise its profits, may need to change location, move to bigger premises or downsize to smaller premises. That is why the ability to assemble and disassemble items quickly and easily, can be important to a business. Boltless shelving that is made with relatively lightweight materials is an excellent, speedy option. It means items can most likely be assembled and moved by in-house staff, as necessary, saving on labour costs. Psychologically, too, it is satisfying to deal with well-designed pieces that slot together, without having to deal with nuts and bolts – and this particularly avoids the hassle of trying to loosen nuts that others have screwed extra tightly.

With booming property prices and rents, maximisation of space and storing in-house, when appropriate, can be key. Good storage, coupled with appropriate and ergonomic portable steps and ladders, can help maximise available space, particularly vertical space. Well-labelled boxes on open shelving enable staff to see at a glance the availability of stock or other items in storage, such as archived records. It can be seen at a glance which archives, such as old tax records, no longer need to be kept and can be removed, freeing up new space.

In the age of computer technology, sometimes the physical aspects of running a business and ‘good housekeeping’ can be overlooked. Time spent looking for items and the resulting financial cost of wasted time – not to mention customer service damaged by delays – is bad for morale and a business’s profitability. This is why lightweight, easy-to-clean, ergonomic storage solutions are a relatively low cost investment that very quickly saves money.Super 123 Plastic Boltless Shelvin