It is no secret that every sporting activity involves physical wear and tear, even more so if it is carried out in the open air and forces one to face sometimes adverse weather conditions. Being prepared to face the caloric expenditure, replenish your energy in time and know what to take after exercise is essential to make the experience rewarding. Fortunately, progress in the field of sports nutrition has not stopped happening in recent years and have made forget the discomforts of yesteryear. Today the mountain enthusiast , the crossings or the trekking has at his disposal an almost unbeatable offer of products designed to cover his more specific needs. At the forefront of them freeze dried food, which is nothing more than food from which the water has been extracted by a process of first freezing the product and then introducing it into a vacuum chamber.

The main advantage offered by freeze dried food is that it preserves the nutritional and organoleptic properties (texture, flavor and aroma) in perfect conditions. The rehydration is instantaneous and very simple, because just by adding boiling water and stirring the contents, the food is ready to be consumed . All this, with a weight reduction of up to 98%, something highly valued when you must carry it throughout the day.

Why offer freeze dried food to your customers?

This service implies advantages for both our outdoor sports business and for customers who choose to hire our services:

It is an added value for our customers. These will not have to worry about looking for this type of food, opt for a brand, calculate the rations, move with it to the starting point of the activity, etc. With a wide assortment of freeze dried food, an essential need is covered with the advantage of not carrying excessive weight.

It is the best way to ensure a positive experience . Neglecting the nutritional aspect is a mistake made by some athletes, especially those who ‘face’ high-resistance activities for the first time. The consequence is that this can translate into a bad experience. If we facilitate the acquisition of freeze dried food we make sure there are no surprises.

Guarantees a balanced diet. Freeze dried food is prepared to satisfy the nutritional needs of all athletes who perform moderate or intense activity, with the necessary carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates.

It is possible to design a complete menu in advance. Clients who wish may agree with the company what kind of food they will take when they make the appropriate stop to recover their strength. The current freeze dried food allows to design a complete menu with first, second and dessert. Some of the dishes available are spaghetti bolognese, macaroni and cheese, sweet and sour chicken and rice, salmon and potatoes with dill, custard with apple, etc. Those who do the activity with children will not have to worry about anything , because the variety of menus will make them enjoy themselves. There are also breakfast menus for morning activities, lighter dinners for camping and a long etcetera.

The conservation is simple and economical. The freeze dried food has a long shelf life , which can reach several years. The storage is simple and inexpensive because it does not require refrigeration and can be stored at room temperature itself.