Downloads of some materials on anti-corruption crusade are available in PDF formats.


COST OF CORRUPTION – Includes papers on the fatal struggle of blowing the whistle on corruption, economic costs of corruption in infracstructure, environmental risks from monuments of corruption. [PDF] 

CORRUPTION IN PRACTICE – These papers discuss corruption in the consturction industry, promotion of integrity in consulting engineering as well as the integrity pact for the Mexican electricity tender [PDF]

INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CORRUPTION – The papers examine the role of multilateral development banks and export credit agencies in financing corruption as well as the need to blacklisting corrupt companies [PDF]

FIGHTING POVERTY AND CORRUPTION – This comprehensive study explores whether, and if so how, the link between poverty reduction and the fight against corruption is included in the Poverty Reduction Strategies of the poorest countries. [PDF]

WHISTLE BLOWING AND CORRUPTION – A comprehensive report on whistle blowing including general information on whistle blowing [PDF]

MANAGING THE CHALLENGES OF CORRUPTION IN NIGERIA by Victor E. Dike – In this article, the author re-visits the discussion on corruption in Nigeria, adopts a new approach with a view to effectively managing the challenges of corruption in the society[PDF]

CHALLENGES IN THE NEXT STAGE OF ANTI-CORRUPTION by Daniel Kaufmann – In this paper, the author discusses four broad challenges in anti-corruption work [PDF]

CORRUPTION IN NIGERIA by M. A. Salisu – The paper has examined the various theoretical and empirical issues on the determinants and impact of corruption [PDF]

CORRUPTION IN NIGERIA: A NEW PARADIGM FOR EFFECTIVE CONTROL by Victor Dike – This paper looks at good governance, transparency, accountability and the rule of law as keys to tackling corruption in the society [PDF]

THE MEDIA'S ROLE IN CURBING CORRUPTION by Rick Stapenhurst – This paper examines how the media have exposed corrupt officials and prompted investigations by official bodies [PDF]