Bank anti-corruption framework

Amidst a storm of controversy about the causes and solutions to corruption, the World Bank has announced a corruption amnesty and released an anti-corruption framework. The issue is high on the global development agenda, as the Bank halts project finance in Indonesia and Cambodia, and the fiasco continues over oil revenues in Chad.


Dirty water deals cheat the poor

Expressing concern over the "pervasiveness of corruption" in the management of water, a coalition of six international non-governmental organisations has created a new global anti-corruption watchdog body: the Water Integrity Network (WIN).


Nigeria targets poll corruption

Nigeria anti-corruption agency is to intensify investigations into politicians seeking sensitive public office and business leaders, it says.
Nigeria is to hold presidential and state elections next year.


Why believers do not shun corruption

Religion has not played a major role to date in efforts to eradicate corruption in terms of the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) presented in Transparency International's Report 2005.


‘Hawks’ Descend On N50b. Agric Loan

Stakeholders in the Federal Government laudable N50b naira agricultural loan facility for farmers across the country have cried out for help against 'hawks' threatening the effective disbursement of the fund to grassroots farmers, despite the anti-corruption wind blowing across the country.


Aid only feeds Africa's corruption

The Ugandan journalist and broadcaster is in London telling anyone who is prepared to listen that aid has been a disaster for Africa, fuelling corruption and hindering development.

For Tony Blair and the G8 leaders who meet next week in St Petersburg, for Bono, Bob Geldof and all the other celebrity campaigners for generosity towards Africa, Mr Mwenda has a curt message: stop the aid and stop the debt relief.


African cultures that justify corruption

It is not easy for the African people to see through the pushing and shoving games politicians play.

In March, a visitor to Nairobi could struggle to see through the din of anti-corruption calls and demands for President Mwai Kibaki to step down or wait for certain doom and electoral mauling in 2007.


Keeping the lid on corruption

The decision at Gleneagles to give more aid and ask fewer questions risks handing cash to corrupt politicians. Conal Walsh on a tricky balancing act.

Tackling bribery and corruption is a difficult business - as few know better than John Githongo, Kenya's former anti-graft 'tsar'.