About Us

Anti-Corruption League is an international non-governmental organisation with complete devotion to the global fight against corruption formed out of the need for the people to speak up for themselves.

ACL, through its web presence and Secretariat in Europe source for public membership and set up chapters in as many African countries and other continents of the world. ACL will at both the evolving International Secretariat in the United Kingdom and every other established chapters endeavor to curb both the supply and demand of corruption. With Africa as the primary continent of concern, ACL will champion the cause of awareness about the damaging effects of corruption, advocate policy reforms. ACL will work towards the creation of an enabling environment for the involvement of African nations in multilateral conventions and subsequent implementation and compliance by governments, private sectors and the people. At the local chapters in Africa, ACL will work to increase levels of accountability and transparency, while evolving into an anti-corruption watch-dog saddled with monitoring the performance of key institutions and pressing for necessary reforms in a non-party political manner will be the utmost goal of ACL.

ACL will in conjuction with other numerous anti-corruption groups as well as anti-corruption agencies expose established individual cases of corruption.

A principal tool in the fight against corruption is access to information. It is in this spirit that we offer this web site to everybody with an interest in the fight against corruption. We hope it will make a valuable contribution to assessing the gains made in recent years, and to contemplating the challenges that still lie ahead.