Why you should not buy Instagram followers

With such a purchase, you get exactly what you paid for: a number. However, these followers will never “like” any of your posts and leave no comments. You also run the risk of getting caught. Even if you have real fans, anyone who takes a closer look at your follower list can quickly identify the wrong and inactive accounts.

Such abbreviations endanger the integrity of your brand. If you buy Instagram followers and your real customers find out, you can no longer expect to be trusted.

You just have to imagine the situation the other way around: Suppose you hire a social media influencer to promote your company’s product. After not doing anything for a while, take a closer look at the profile of the said influencer and notice that the majority of his allegedly loyal fans are in fact bots. Would you like to continue working with this person?

Of course not.

What’s more valuable to your business: 10,000 wrong followers or 100 real followers commenting on your posts and sharing them with their own networks?

There are more important metrics that you should watch than the number of followers – for example, those that are as significant as the click through rate and the interactions (likes and comments).

One way to measure interactions is to calculate your interaction rate. Count the likes and comments that your posts receive in a specific reporting period-for example, your last ten posts. Divide that number by the number of followers. You multiply the result by 100 – and you already know your interaction or engagement rate.

Here again a short version:

Number of Likes + Number of Comments / Number of Followers x 100 = Interaction Rate

With this metric, you can seriously check how well your buy real instagram followers strategy works, and whether your target audience can do something with your content.

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